Stretchy Skinny Jeans That Actually Keep Their Shape

If you’ve ever walked into Nordstrom or any other department store with a large selection of denim, you know how overwhelming shopping for jeans can be (especially once you factor in the price tags). Once you add sizing inconsistencies to that mix, it becomes nearly impossible to walk out with a pair of jeans that fit perfect and don’t cost a fortune.

Like many women, I’ve always struggled with finding a pair that fit my waist, butt, and thighs. If I wanted jeans that fit my waist, I’d have to shimmy them all the way up and pray I didn’t hear a rip. If I wanted a pair of jeans that fit my thighs and butt, I’d live in fear of pulling a 2007 and accidentally showing my thong.

Trying on jeans was often a constant battle between me and denim, and I was tired of losing. I decided once and for all that it was time to splurge on a good pair that fit me well. I ended up buying a pair of Paige jeans at a Nordstrom Rack for $80 — much better than their typical $200 price tag.

These jeans are both stretchy and extremely soft; they’re made from a soft transcend fabric that really holds its shape while remaining comfortable. They shape my butt, make my thighs appear toned, and don’t squeeze my body. Plus, they somehow still fit on the waist. They are my go-to jeans, whether I’m sitting on a plane for five hours or just running errands.

I love them so much that I own three pairs; that includes the Verdugo Crop in Black Overdye. And even though I’ve washed them a lot, they’re still just as black as when I first bought them.

Shop It Here Paige Verdugo Crop in Black Overdye, $169

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