Shoeper Shoe Challenge | Week 3

My shoe saving slowed down a little this week, mostly due to a few days of torrential rain. Not to worry, though: I did a quick calculation last night, and worked out that in order to save all 107 pairs of shoes in the space of year, I only need to wear 2.05 pairs per week. I’ve managed more than that for the first three weeks, so I’m doing not too badly: and I guess it’s always good to get ahead, just in case we get a few weeks’ of snow or something!

Here are the shoes that made the cut this week:

Casadei blade pumps with black pants and green sweater

Casadei Blade pumps

Shoe Save 12/107: Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps Worn on: Saturday, September 14th, 2013 With: Green Boden sweater, J Crew ‘Minnie’ pants, Gucci handbag

[More photos here]

Mel 'Raspberry' pumps

Shoe Save 13/107: Mel ‘Raspberry’ pumps Worn on: Sunday, September 15th, 2013 With: No outfit post for this one, I’m afraid: as you can see, it was yet another pair of black pants, though!

nautical jeans outfit

Shoe Save 14/107: Red Primark pumps Worn on: Monday, September 16th, 2013 With: Current/Elliot jeans, Primark sweater, H&M blazer, Foley & Corinna bag

turquoise slingbacks and sweater

Shoe Save 15/107: River Island turquoise slingbacks Worn on: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 With: Bettie Page skirt and sweater

[More photos here]

And now it’s your turn! Show me your saved shoes by linking up below!

Roundup Rules:

1. Your post must relate to the Shoe Challenge in some way, and contain photos of the shoes you’ve worn this week.

2. You must link back to (or to this post) from each post/picture you submit. You’re free to submit as many links as you like (i.e. you can choose to either present all of your weekly shoe saves in one post, as I have, or do a separate post for each.), but this link must appear on each post/picture you submit. (This is particularly important as the linkup widget I’m using automatically looks for the link back, and will not approve the post without it.)

3. This linkup is for THIS WEEK’S shoe saves only: please don’t submit photos from earlier in the challenge!

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