Shoe Save #25/100: Blade

Shoeperwoman in Casadei Blade pumps

SHOES: Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps (c/o Spartoo) OUTFIT:  ASOS skirt, Forever 21 top, vintage clutch, Gucci sunglasses SAVED: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

So, you have a pair of super-high, super-skinny heels: the kind that are really designed to go from car to bar, and nowhere else. Where are you going to wear them for the first time? Why, on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, of course! And you’re going to make sure you have to walk up at least one steep hill in order to get to where you’re going, too. Well, you wouldn’t be a Shoeperhero if you made things easy on yourself, would you?

Casadei Blade pumps

These, as you can see, are my new Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps, and this was their very first outing.  I wanted to wear something special with them, but unfortunately this turned out to be one of those outfits that looks much better in person than it does on camera. The skirt is the twin sister of this one, from ASOS, and it has the same huge, puffy shape, but sadly the car wasn’t kind to it, and then the wind kept catching at it and blowing it either straight out in front of me, or pressing it up against my legs, so the effect was lost. Ah well, I’ll just have to come up with an excuse to wear it again sometime soon!

As or the shoes, however, well, I certainly put them through their paces on the walk to and from the restaurant, and I’m pleased to report that they actually performed better than I’d expected them to. No, they’re not exactly what you’d call “comfortable”, and I don’t recommend them on hills, but I managed just fine, and although they did start to pinch my toes a little by the end of the evening, that was after several hours and a bit more walking than I’d planned, so they get the thumbs up from me, and I’m looking forward to wearing them again. Just maybe not over cobbles, this time…

Shoeperwoman in Casadei 'Blade' pumps

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